Aleš Jirec

I specialize in Executive and Direct Searches for candidates for top and hard-to-fill positions. This includes not only senior executives and board members, but also top professionals, experts and specialists.

IC Talents and the Cornerstone International Group are boutique companies – "non-traditional” assignments are exclusive “Haute Couture” for us, which means projects tailored to the specific needs of the client, frequently in an original, unique "style".

I also provide consultancy on strategy, business, operations and HR, and act as an external interim manager for Fintech companies and start-ups.

I am a fan of modern, unconventional, state-of-the-art technologies, which I use and promote in my projects and in which I also invest my time and money.

However, I also enjoy traditions and appreciate historical and undeniable values.

My LinkedIn Profile

I have been working in the field currently called "People" or formerly “Human Resources” for more than 30 years (since 1986).

I worked for Recruitment International UK, the first foreign recruitment company that began operating in the Czech Republic, since 1990.

In 1992, I founded ICT Prague, which has been successful in Executive Searches for more than 10 years, mainly specializing in the IT / TELCO, FMCG and banking industries.

After a short stint with Helmut Neumann International in 1999, I joined HayGroup (currently HayGroup / KornFerry), where I developed a successful project focusing on Remuneration Surveys and Analyses aimed at senior managers, the banking sector and insurance companies. I also worked on setting up remuneration systems for top managers, banking, insurance and financial institutions and IT / TELCO. I am an expert in the Hay Method (Hay Group Guide Chart-Profile Method of Job Evaluation), having successfully searched for and placed several top managers with banking clients. In 2006–2013, I worked at Hewlett-Packard, where I was responsible for the training program for both internal and external clients.

Můj Linkedin profil

In 2013, I set up the iC Talents brand and became the sole representative and partner of the global consulting company Cornerstone International Group, which has nearly 60 offices in 34 countries. The company has won international recognition including being voted one of Forbes magazine’s 10 Best Management Consultancy Companies and Top 20 Executive Search Companies in the world.

I deal with projects in IT / TELCO, finance, banking, fast moving goods, retail / wholesale, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries (Assisted Reproduction / IVF – In Vitro Fertilization), start-ups and Fintech companies, focusing on senior executives, board members, managers and top experts in human resources – recruitment, remuneration, education, etc., to directors and heads of medical (AR) clinics, experienced gynecologists / IVF specialists.

My CIG Profile

I deal with innovative educational methods aimed at efficient use of the brain and gamification, and consult in Human Resource Management (full Employee Life Cycle).
I am excited by modern, innovative technologies and therefore invest in new start-ups where I'm both an interim manager and investor – for example, a start-up aimed at establishing real-time personal and professional relationships and networks based on proximity (Blizu).

My Vision
My Mission
My Values

My Values

Professionalism, efficiency, adaptability, long-term experience, in-depth knowledge of the local environment and an international network let me provide clients with a professional, efficient, flexible and global solution for their business needs.

My Vision

To be the first choice to address the needs of companies and individuals, using talented people and state-of-the-art technologies.

My Mission

To help clients achieve success and increase their value through talent.